My bold, abstract pieces are created from a desire to experience something different, an escape from the reality and rhythm of every day life. I’ve spent my working life in corporate environments, where imagination and creativity is often controlled by different constructs and the people leading them. When I lean into my creative intuition and subconscious, I’m empowered to create something different. Something new and exciting. My pieces tell the stories of my subconscious… my thoughts, emotions, experiences. An awakening. A moment. Where stories are told through strokes and layers, not words.

Immerse yourself as I commit the stories of my subconscious to paper and canvas. Delve into your own subconscious, as each layer and stroke tells part of a story, adding texture, depth, colour or a sense of movement. Discover the different chapters of each piece as you notice the different layers and distortions along with the final twists and turns as you take in the finishing marks and highlights. Let the interplay of colour, shapes and perspectives awaken your imagination, as you find your own narrative in each piece.   


I’ve worked in HR for 10 years, always in social care and latterly with a charity supporting people with addiction, homelessness and other hardships. I worked for the charity for seven and a half years, the vast majority of my HR career. what a rollercoaster it was.  A fun one for the most part.

Then I discovered art in May 2023. It showed me my purpose…

I’ve always been creative and prided myself on being a disruptive voice within the organisations I’ve worked for… going beyond being a bastion of the organisation’s values, diversity and treating people well (as all HR professionals should) and encouraging people to think differently, through a different frame, challenging the norms and creating better ways of doing things.

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